Veri Soda
Veri Soda

Veri Soda Veri Soda

Probably the Veri best soda in the world. Thoughtfully crafted refreshing drinks with only the purest organic ingredients because we want our family, friends and planet to revel in good health.

The Veri best soda in the world.

Project info

At Veri they thoughtfully crafted the world’s best organic sodas with only the purest organic ingredients with zero footprint. Veri Organic Soda is better for you, better for the world.

  • Veri Soda
  • Durk Hattink
  • Research & Analysis
  • Wire-framing & Prototyping
  • Art Direction
  • UX/UI/IA
  • Frontend Development
  • Craft CMS Implementation


On a veri tough mission

Veri Soda contacted us about a complete rework of their presence in the digital. We went through many rounds of design reviews and updates on the responsive website before coming to a structure, logic and visual language that aligned with the look and feel we were going for.

Color Palette

Subtle, classy, natural, organic, refreshin. Some of words that should best describe Veri’s base color palette. The products can adjust the palette with their own base color. Orange = orange etc. You get the point.


The challenge

The main challenge here was to create a consistent and responsive design language that does the richness and energy of the brand justice. The collaboration resulted in a brand new colorful website with some truly modern features and fun interactions.

Realtime search experience with Algolia## Store locator

With more than 3500 selling points throughout the US and Europe, we needed a strong and quick store locator. Algolia Search API provides us with map searching. It will return latitude and longitudes of all store locations close to the user input. It gives you a realtime search experience to find the closest store to your home.

Micro Interactions & Animations

Throughout the website we use little micro interactions and animations to delight, surprise. This gives the site an energetic and modern vibe.

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