Venues for premium shopping

Re-launched Vastned.

Project info

Vastned is a listed European retail property company with a focus on ‘Venues for Premium Shopping’. Vastned is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (AMX) with a property portfolio of approximately €1.7 billion.

  • Vastned Retail
  • Durk Hattink
  • Art Direction
  • Research & Analysis
  • UX/UI/IA
  • Wire-framing & Prototyping
  • Frontend Development
  • Craft CMS Implementation

The redesign

Our primary goal for the redesign was to improve site usability and ultimately increase conversions. With these goals in mind, we started by examining the site analytics to identify areas to focus on in the redesign tests. Some area’s we’ve focussed on the most are site speed, page hero, SEO, content architecture, rich content types & navigation.

Content first

Oftentimes overlooked, the content strategy for the site (re)design was almost as important as the actual design. Identifying user personas and site goals early on allowed for a fully cohesive content strategy that supported Vastned as a leader in the industry.

Establishing the visual tone

Once the site structure was finalized, establishing the visual tone of the site was a critical first step in the design process. Gaining alignment on the overall tone - color palettes, typography, textures and photography - ensured we were all in agreement about the brand’s vibe.


We wanted to be able to reuse small parts by breaking the pages down into chunks (or modules). We identified all of the possible layouts and modules, and define each page as a combination of modules sitting inside the slots of a single layout. By simply selecting some checkboxes, they can choose which sub-navigation items to include on a specific page depending on which information is available. Vastned is now able to construct a rich and vibrant page, full of functionality and character.

Working with data

Making data visual

Charts and graphs are designed to help communicate Vastned’s business results and are a superior way to quickly get a message across. My client is now able to build modern, responsive and interactive charts and graphs from Excel, CSV data or by editing inside Craft CMS. This gives them the freedom to construct the next annual report page without the help of a designer of developer.

The Craft CMS page builder with data for the Annual Resport
The Craft CMS page builder with data for the Annual Resport

New (re)design is ready soon…

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